Alumni Spotlight: Michigan's Mikie Schlosser

Mikie Schlosser sits down with his former coach and talks about life as a Michigan lacrosse player, and his favorite memories from youth lacrosse.

Rotelli: Awesome Game last weekend, I was pumped I got to watch the whole thing, It turned out to be a pretty great game.

Schlosser: Yeah, we grinded it out. In that Mercer game a couple of days before, we did not possess the ball very well, and so a big goal going into the game was to try and possess the ball really well because guys were really tired, and I thought we did a decent job with that, so it was good.

Rotelli: You guys are off to a 6-1 start this year, so great start. How is this year at Michigan different from the past for you and also the team?

Schlosser: For me personally, I have been playing with much more confidence than I did last year especially. Overall, I don’t think I had a very good year last year and so I wanted to come back for the last go around and give it my all. For the team, everyone has come together well and a lot of the new guys have come in and stepped up. We have a lot of returning Sophomores that learned a bunch Freshman year and are now pretty good contributors. Also, from a coach’s standpoint we have done a pretty good job of tapering our practices, in years past we haven’t tapered very well before games and so a lot of guys have gone into games not feeling so hot. This year we have dialed in our practice schedule the week of and so going into each game we feel really confident. As a team we have so many really good athletes and those guys are feeling really confident going into games and it makes a big difference especially against big time teams.

Rotelli: You talked about confidence, and how it has been a big part of this year’s success. Where does that come from? How do you build confidence both individually and as a team?

Schlosser: It’s basically putting in the work. Everyday, getting shots in and everyday getting on the wall. Key things like keeping fitness up, when you are out there and your legs are tired you know you can still go hard and run by somebody. As a team, just competing in practice. We’ve typically in the last couple of years, not had the most competitive practices; this year we have made that a point. One day a week we do all competition. We go offense vs. defense, 1st line vs 2nd liners, and that has really helped on game day.

Rotelli: What do you love most about playing lacrosse?

Schlosser: I love how anything can happen in a game. You can go into a game as an underdog but if you come to play and a couple of things go your way, any team can win on any given day. For me personally I love running up and down the field. There’s nothing better or more exciting for me than springing full speed down the field and dodging on offense, or getting back on defense as well. I just love running around.

Rotelli: What advice would you give to young guys who want to play college lacrosse?

Schlosser: The best advice I have is to be persistent. People think that there is a secret to everything but there is no secret, whoever puts in the most work is going to be the most successful. It doesn’t really matter where you’re from as long as you are committed to getting the reps in, getting your shots up, hitting the wall and being committed to being in the best shape you can to suit your playing style, then you can be successful and play at the next level. Once you are playing at the college level, it is a full time job, so you need to love it, that is honestly what it all come down to. If you love it then you’ll put in the work.

Rotelli: What is your favorite lacrosse memory from youth and from college?

Schlosser: From youth, it’s from the Winter of my Senior year with ADVNC 2014. We were playing down in San Diego. It was only the second year of ADVNC but it was the fourth year playing with the same guys. We went down and won the tournament and before that we hadn’t really had a big signature tournament victory and that meant a lot to all the guys who had been in the program for a while, as well as, for you the coaches. It was one of the most fun tournaments I have ever been a part of.

    For college, one moment that I will never forget is when we played Ohio State Freshman year at the Shoe (Ohio). It was before the Spring <football> game and I got out there as a Freshman and there were about 15,000 people there and by the end of the game there were 30,000 people in the stands. Not all of them knew much about lacrosse but they were all really into the game. It was a bummer that we lost, but the next best would be just being a part of a new program. Anytime we do get a victory it is awesome because they haven’t come that often so every time we have a chance to get one it has been an awesome experience.

Rotelli: What is the most impactful life lesson you’ve learned from playing lacrosse and how do you think you’ll use that in life when you are done playing?

Schlosser: Definitely the idea that if you want to achieve a goal it’s not what happens to you, it is what you do that matters. One thing I realized when I started playing is that I did not have a lot of talent in terms of stick skills or athleticism, but then a switch turned on one day and I decided to put forth my full effort. When you put your full effort into something no matter what, if you become successful in it or fail, you are going to learn something. If you become successful great, if you do not, maybe you should try something new. If you want to achieve anything you have to put in the effort and something good will happen regardless.

Rotelli: Is there a book that stands out that you have read that has really helped you with sports.

Schlosser: Sophomore year Joe T. (Thompson) told me that I have to read ‘How To Be Like Mike (Jordan)’  I have probably read it 2 or 3 times. It stands out, it helped me be able to understand somebody who is the greatest at what they do and in understanding the work ethic that has gotten that person there. I think that really shows that anything is possible.

Rotelli: What do you want to do after college?

Schlosser: After college I want to definitely coach lacrosse and continue to be involved in the community. I would love to try and keep playing if there are any opportunities. At some point I would like to teach, maybe middle school or high school. My father is a carpenter so I would like to learn some more carpentry skills from him.

About Mikie Schlosser:

Mikie Schlosser is from Davis, and played high school lacrosse at Davis High and was a high school All American. He is a 4 year starter at the University of Michigan, and the only player in program history to be honored as a 2X Captain. He was a Preseason All Big 10 player in 2016.

About Chris Rotelli:

Chris Rotelli is the Founder of ADVNC Lacrosse, and Head Coach at Sacred Heart Prep. He was a 3X NCAA All American, 4X MLL All Star, Tewarraton Award Recipient, and a member of the Rhode Island Lacrosse Hall of Fame.

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