Mikie Schlosser

HS All-American, University of Michigan Midfielder & Team ADVNC Coach

“In my time playing for Coach Rotelli on Team ADVNC, my game progressed to levels that I did not think were possible. Along with my lacrosse abilities, I learned many life lessons and became a far better and more capable person, both socially and mentally. Through playing and coaching with ADVNC I have made friendships that will last a lifetime and learned skills that I will use in all aspects of life. My time playing at ADVNC not only got me ready to play at Michigan, but has inspired me to give back and coach the next generation of players in the program.

I have had the pleasure of knowing and being coached by Chris since my sophomore year. He has exponentially helped my growth as a lacrosse player and also as a person. He is always there if you need to talk about anything, and always willing to help you improve your lacrosse game."


Player Parent

"Chris’s programs provide the best players in the Bay Area the opportunity to practice and play with top quality competition year round. The program offers great coaching and has been instrumental in my son Sean’s development as a player. Chris and his coaching staff know how to teach the game the way it should be played and his program was instrumental in developing Sean’s game to allow him to get recruited and ultimately commit to a top program in Denver. Chris understands the game, the recruiting process and genuinely cares for the kids."

Jack McCormick

Dartmouth College Attackman & Team ADVNC Coach

"It is difficult to put into words what ADVNC lacrosse has done for my life, on and off the lacrosse field. From a young age, ADVNC instilled the values I needed to be successful at the division one level. ADVNC fine-tuned my lacrosse skills while developing my lacrosse IQ to that of a Division I lacrosse player. Chris taught me how to maintain a hypercompetitive attitude. The connections Chris has amongst the lacrosse world are top-tier. Because of ADVNC, I now play for Dartmouth College and I am lucky enough to be receiving an Ivy League education.“

Joe Lang

Harvard University Midfielder & Team ADVNC Coach

"I started playing for Coach Rotelli as a freshman in high school, and he taught me how to shoot the ball properly and emphasized the importance of being a two way middie. These are the two aspects of my game that have gotten me to Harvard and have gotten me on the field in college. I can confidently say that I would not be where I am today without coach rotellis instruction”

Greg B.

Player Parent

Hey Chris. Thanks again for everything you’re doing. A lot of people talk about “making a difference” in the lives of others. You really are doing it. Having this team and these young men in my son’s life can’t be measured. He “feels like somebody” knowing he’s a part of that group. His respect and regard for you, in particular, is off the chart. Same as me. It wasn’t just winning it. I’d have said the same all day Saturday and Sunday. Thanks so much, Chris.

Sean Mayle

Denver University LSM & Team ADVNC Coach

"Chris Rotelli and ADVNC lacrosse not only made me a better lacrosse player, but shaped me into the person I am today. Without their guidance, I would not have had the opportunity to play lacrosse at Denver.

Thank you!

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